February 12, 2009

Government vs. Politics

It looks like HR-1 will be sent to President Obama's desk. The so-called stimulus package has a price tag of $789 Billion, of which only $150 Billion is slated for infrastructure (that's less than 20% funding).

This is a case of Government (of and for the People) versus Politics (of and for Politicians). This nation's crumbling infrastructure is in need of drastic repair regardless of the current economic situation. Just so happens that major infrastructure work gives taxpayers the greatest bang for the buck, in terms of jobs created and long term improvements in our everyday lives, which in turn, helps create a large tax revenue stream in the future.

Remember, our elected officials allotted $2.5 TRILLION to the crooked Wall Street bankers who got us into the mess to begin with.

$150 Billion will barely pay for the MTA's 2nd Avenue Subway when all is said and done. We needed our elected officials to think big. We needed a New Deal for the 21st Century. What we got were small tax cuts, so that consumers could fill our landfills with more useless garbage.

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